Into the Middle East without a Camel.

I live in the Middle East. Why?  I don’t know… please don’t ask me such difficult questions.

So, here I am in the middle of the desert, working as a teacher. I just might be crazy. I talk to myself. I talk to myself to figure out what I’m doing working in the Middle East at this random school. Well, I don’t talk to myself out loud.  At least not when people are around.

It wouldn’t quite so bad if we had our own camels. I mean, camels are totally cool. If I ran a school, I would give all my teachers camels. But, I’m just awesome like that.

I’m loosing my mind. I am trying to get out of this school, primarily because they REFUSE buy me a camel.  Anti-camelists.

Not only am I trying to figure out what I was thinking to get me to the Middle East, but now I am trying to find a new teaching job ANYWHERE and I’m stressed to the max! U.S.A., China, Prague, Germany, Mars? I’ve applied. Except to Mars. They aren’t currently excepting applications.

TO ALL SCHOOL EMPLOYERS: I know I don’t have Nanny McPhee’s skills, but I’m a good teacher.   OH, I get it, you don’t want to hire a crazy person that talks to herself and wants a beast of burden as part of her contract. Hey, come on, kids love that shit. Crazy people I mean. And beasts of burden. Seriously. I would be an asset to your organization.

Well, there you have it employers. The rambling unfiltered thoughts of a soon to be unemployed crazy teacher in the Middle East who wishes she had a camel. Hire me!  I’m awesome and kids love that shit.  Totally – just ask them.

And, for those of you not reading this blog to recruit a teacher (which is weird, ’cause blogs are way better than LinkedIn), enter at your own risk. You’ve been warned.

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